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We are definitely hydrated now....
July 10, 2013

 Us in the GTA just experienced a major rainfall similar to what just happened in Calgary. We are sending out good vibes to those that were affected, and alot were. We at Alnor were hit pretty hard. Some of the employees were without power all night and still are. Some others were spending the whole night with the shop vac and pump sucking all the water out of the basement. Luckily there was not major damage and everyone is safe. This should serve as a reminder what is important in life. Everything in this world is very temporary. We go about our daily lives worrying about small things and not appreciating the fact that our houses are dry, we have power and our family's are safe. 

But life and business goes on….


Once again the markets continue to drop. I know a lot of our industrial’s are holding onto material in hopes that it will rebound. It seems that the market doesn’t seem to be correcting itself at the moment. Copper and nickel are very low and could continue to drop a bit before we see a correction. This may be more of the norm as we go into 2014, unless the demand skyrockets. But then again who expected to be able to swim down the 427 yesterday…


Nickel market:


Copper prices: M20130708

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