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Temps raise, prices fall
June 24, 2013

 Good monday scrappers!


Unlike the temperatures here in Mississauga the metal pricing has been plummeting. Copper and nickle have hit yearly lows. Copper at one time in 2012 was in the $4 p/lb range. Now we are here. When my father started the business back in 1978 - copper was being thrown in the garbage bin and when I first started in the business copper was hitting a low of $1 p/lb. So you need to keep things in perspective. The industry has changed alot since 2009 and the markets are VERY voltile. 

Despite this we are still going strong. Come by for top pricing on scrap copper wire, copper, electroinc waste, stainless steel, batteries and aluminum etc. We are quick in and out, short waits and a clean shop. No mud, no nails - we weight all material in front of you,no hassle. We treat all of customers like our friends.

We have been hearing rumors of local dealers manipulating scales - so keep an eye on your weights. If the prices are too good to be true they probably are.


Thanks and keep hydrated!

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