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3 Scientific Facts to Back Electronics Recycling
3 Scientific Facts to Back Electronics Recycling
September 16, 2019

There are many reasons why companies based in the GTA may be looking for a provider of electronics recycling in Mississauga. Not only is electronics recycling good for the environment, it is efficient and productive, helping industries get access to more raw materials, helping companies to increase their bottom line through the sale of scrap, and keeping the cycle of production going strong.



These reasons are backed by hard and fast scientific facts, with many environmental organizations calling for increased investment into electronics recycling.



1. Industry reports indicate that every year, millions of tons of e-waste is generated globally, accounting for over 5% of the municipal solid waste stream. However, due to the nature of e-waste containing certain nonorganic materials, it is said to account for almost 70% of hazardous waste that ends up in the landfill. While companies like Alnor Industries are taking electronics recycling in Mississauga to the next level, it is indeed true that we can be recycling much more, considering that a lot of materials found in e-waste are recyclable, including glass, plastics, and metal components.


2. Surveys conducted show that an average household spends more than a thousand dollars on consumer electronics per year. It was found that an average family owns at least 20 consumer electronic products. The sale of smartphones and personal computers is an industry valued in the hundreds of billions of dollars worldwide. There are around one billion of cell phones and hundreds of millions of computers manufactured every year across the globe.


3. It has been shown that the excessive amount of lead found in e-waste that is released into the environment can result in serious human illnesses and damage to organic life. It can affect the central and peripheral nervous systems, sometimes resulting in death.


If you are in need of services for electronics recycling in Mississauga, look no further than Alnor Industries, a pioneering leader in the sector of e-waste and metal recycling. Considering its wealth of benefits, there’s no reason to not recycle!



I've always been a strong advocate for electronics recycling in Mississauga! I'm glad the science can back me up onthis one.
Posted by: Fred | February 14, 2020, 5:00 pm
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