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Useful Properties of Tungsten Carbide
Useful Properties of Tungsten Carbide
September 03, 2019

Tungsten carbide is found in a lot of valuable products, from jewelry to machinery parts and more. Simply put, it contains equal parts tungsten and carbon, making it one of the strongest materials out there, also possessing some rare qualities that set it apart from other materials.


Thankfully, tungsten carbide scrap is recyclable. It is a reliable and durable raw material, and is widely used in the industrial sector where high-quality output is a must. 


In today’s post, let’s talk about the incredible characteristics of tungsten carbide and why you should consider recycling tungsten carbide scrap:


1. Hardness and Strength

When it comes to strength and solidity, tungsten carbide is second only to the hardest material out there, diamond. Diamond scores 10 on the Moh scale while tungsten carbide scores 9. For this reason, tungsten carbide, considered a cheaper alternative to diamond, is taking the lead when it comes to manufacturing superior cutting tools like saw blades. Tungsten carbide can cut tough materials like titanium alloy, cast iron, stainless steel, and carbon steel. 


2. Extremely High Melting Point

The pure, metal form of tungsten has the highest melting point at 3,422 °C. Tungsten carbide which contains equal parts of tungsten and carbon atoms has a melting point of 2,870 °C. As such, it is one of the most preferred materials when it comes to manufacturing high-speed tools as it can withstand much higher temperatures during continuous operation.


3. Wear Resistance 100 Times that of Steel

Tungsten carbide is a very wear-resistant metal which makes it ideal in most air compressor machines where wear and tear cannot be tolerated. It is also found in seals, bushings, and bearings. Today, even jewellers utilize tungsten carbide to create anti-scratch rings, earrings, and other jewellery.


It will be highly beneficial for you to put your tungsten carbide scrap to good use. Alnor Industries would be happy to help. Our expertise and fully-equipped metal recycling facility can effectively recycle your tungsten carbide scrap. Call us now!

Thank you for recycling!
Posted by: Hannah | September 16, 2019, 3:05 pm
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