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Wire Recycling Ideas That Enrich Trade
August 27, 2015

 The rapid growth of wire recycling business is on an every day rise. Use of copper wire as a principle material in electromagnetic and telegraph systems has created an increasing demand in the world market since the 18th century. Recycling companies are constantly buying used copper wires to smelt and refine. Even after years of use, copper wires can still be recycled and reused. The main advantage of wire recycling is evidently seen in the reduced dumping of copper wires and lesser amount of new materials used during manufacturing.

The main aim of recycling is separating the wires from the existing casing, removing any containment in order to extract concentrated metals of copper, steel and brass.  If you are dealing with scrap wire, it is important to fully understand the business so that you can reap maximum benefits. Wire recycling may start from stripping off insulation. If the wire has insulation, it can be removed mechanically either by cutting or separating by use of steel rollers. Grading and weighing each type of wire is easily done by separating low voltage communication wires from high voltage electric wires. Grading is determined by the amount of metallic containment which may constitute brass, plating or solder. Less containment means more value for the wire. Grade #1 wires will always be given a top dollar value.

Constant demand for recycled wire has led to frequent market price fluctuation. Using different platforms, the prices are updated by the minute hence raising the expectations of the customers. In this business being on the lead means having the ability to enrich your customer’s expectations holistically. First by ensuring your company is transparent and dependable and always shelters customers from unfair market pricing. Being on the lead is partnering with Alnor Industries for all your wire recycling solutions in Mississauga area. 

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