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Why Tungsten Recycling Is So Important For the World’s Supply
Why Tungsten Recycling Is So Important For the World’s Supply
July 16, 2018

Tungsten recycling is at the heart of the world’s tungsten supply. Though a metal that is becoming rarer by the day, not that it was ever abundant to begin with, demand for tungsten has wilted not one bit. In fact, despite its shortages, tungsten is finding favour with makers of new gadgetry every day.


With it being such a scarce material, tungsten recycling is not just a way of saving good material it is essential for regulating the world’s supply of tungsten.


Tungsten is one of the hardest materials on earth. It is this property which makes it so indispensable for industry. It is used widely for making drill bits, rocket engines, in light bulbs and now even in touch screens.


Demand, therefore, for tungsten remains significantly higher than its supply. In fact, the two major producers of tungsten, China and Russia reserve much of their production for their domestic need alone. Tungsten recycling must play an important role in regulating the world’s tungsten supply.


We look at a few reasons why tungsten recycling is so essential:


  • Exploration – Or lack thereof, actually. Exploration for tungsten became incredibly unfavourable about two decades ago, when the world faced a tungsten glut. Since, exploration did pick up, but tungsten is itself proving scarce.
  • Regional scarcity – China, the largest miner of tungsten of the world also happens to be, somewhat ironically, also an importer of tungsten. Such is the demand in industry that tungsten recycling has become a means of retaining national supply.
  • Waste - Tungsten carbides used in tools, particularly something like cutting or drilling tools, prefaces a unique problem. Whereas in industrial applications once the tool is blunt it is of no use, the vast majority of tungsten remains untouched. Business owners can realize a great deal of hidden value from their expended tools.
  • Safety – Tungsten is particularly not particularly dangerous material with which to work in close proximity. Even short or sustained exposure is safe, but prolonged exposure to tungsten is known to be detrimental to human health. Which is why it is much safer for people to opt for tungsten recycling and make sure they don’t have contact with tungsten in their environment.

If you have questions about tungsten recycling, get in touch with our team to understand what the different forms of tungsten are that can be recycled.


Alnor Industries prides itself as an offeror of services that make recycling in Toronto and the surrounding GTA region easy. Our experience in tungsten recycling makes your task of getting the material recycled easy. Our staff are knowledgeable and we pride ourselves on offering transparent service.

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