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Why Scrap Metal Recycling Is A Powerful Industry
Why Scrap Metal Recycling Is A Powerful Industry
January 27, 2020

Scrap metal recycling is a process that involves the recovery and processing of scrap metal so that it can be used as a raw material in the manufacturing of new products. Scrap metal can be recycled repeatedly without degrading its properties. It offers a much lower carbon footprint and more efficient utilization of resources than mining for new material.


If you need a scrap metal pickup in Mississauga, you might be glad to know that you are contributing to a powerful economic activity that's worth billions of dollars every year.


When we talk about scrap metal recycling, it is essential to differentiate between the two major classifications of scrap metal - ferrous metal and nonferrous.


Those metals that contain some amount of iron are referred to as ferrous, while those that do not have iron traces are called non-ferrous. The entire scrap metal recycling begins with the collection. At the lowest level, collectors do scrap metal pickup in Mississauga no matter how small the quantities of the scrap metal are. It can also be recovered from big generators who produce lots of scrap metal.


Next is to sort, shred, and melt the scrap metal. A purification process follows where the pure metal is separated from the rest either through electrolysis, magnets or other methods. If plenty of scrap metal pickup in Mississauga is being done, a lot of energy consumption will be saved while avoiding thousands of pounds of mined ore and other raw materials.


The amount of recovered ferrous metals are greater than nonferrous metals. However, the nonferrous metals have a higher industry revenue because of their greater value and as a result are recycled more. Nonferrous scrap metals that are aggressively recycled include copper, nickel, lead, aluminum, zinc, and tin. If you need a scrap metal pick up and have metals that you want to be properly disposed of, giving them to a recycler will not only give you a few dollars but also help save the environment.


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