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Why Electronics Recycling is Helping to Create A Waste-Free Ontario
Why Electronics Recycling is Helping to Create A Waste-Free Ontario
September 19, 2017

Electronic waste is becoming a major issue in many areas like Mississauga.  This problem has been a major concern for us as a recycling facility. Fortunately, we have helped divert certain materials from landfills to help decrease the amount of waste. One of the ways this is done is through electronics recycling in Mississauga.


Electronics recycling in Mississauga is increasingly common (if not a staple service) among recycling facilities in the area.


What exactly is it about electronics recycling that makes it a sustainable, eco-friendly practice? Let’s break it down:


Lower Resource Demand: Electronics have high resource input requirements from the basic components to its finishing processes. This means that resources already used can be reused to make new computers and other electronics. For example, metals such as copper can be reused for new equipment, thus lowering the demand for natural resources in the long run.


Softens the Environmental Impact: Throwing electronics into garbage dumps and landfills creates waste that cannot be broken down for thousands of years. In addition, throwing away old electronics requires    resources for the creation of new electronics. Electronics recycling in Mississauga addresses the issues of improper waste disposal and the depletion of natural resources. This helps to decrease our overall carbon footprint.


Compliance with Existing Legislation: In June 2016, Ontario passed a piece of legislation called the Waste-Free Act to combat climate change and divert more waste from landfill. It’s a part of the government’s strategy to create a “zero waste future”. At Alnor, we champion this act and believe that it benefits our local communities.  We do our part to exceed the regulations established in this Act with our services in electronics recycling and carbide scrap.


Every year in Canada, an estimated $1 billion in valuable resources is lost to landfill. By taking the time to sort through your recycling and separating your electronics, you ensure that more of these resources can be recycled into new products. Learn more about Ontario’s Waste-Free Strategy here. For more information on electronics recycling in Mississauga, call us at 905-362-0805!

More people need to understand how to properly recycle their electronics! Really glad to see more information on this out there.
Posted by: Alyssa | November 30, 2017, 5:40 pm
The Waste-Free Act was a breakthrough piece of legislation!
Posted by: Duncan | October 4, 2017, 8:29 pm
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