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January 07, 2015

The electrical wire scrap in your garage or store can earn you some money when you sell it to a wire recycling company. This is because the companies are cable of recycling the wires and selling them to be used for other purposes. There are different types of  electrical wire scrap that can be found, and you should know how they are classified in order to determine how much money you can get.

The common wires that are bought by the wire recycling companies include home wires and commercial wires. Home wires are the ordinary wires that are used to wire most residential buildings. These wires are made of copper and are usually insulated with plastic material. They can either be in single or stranded form depending on their use. The size of the electrical wire scrap is what will determine its price. The commercial wires are common in telecommunication industries. They are commonly used to connect computer devices to networks in the offices. There are two types, that is, the cat5 and cat6 comm wires. These wires are made up of six thin copper wires that are insulated. These tiny copper wires have a general insulation that wraps around them.

There are many other types of wires that can be recycled. All you have to do is collect all the wires that you want to recycle and the sort them. Once you have done this, you can communicate with the wire recycling company to pick them up. The pricing of the electrical wire scrap depends on several factors, and varies a lot. You can contact the wire recycling company and inquire about current prices to know how much money you can make. There are some companies that might require you to strip the wires off their insulation before agreeing to take them. 


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