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What Is Circuit Board Recycling All About?
September 14, 2016

Circuit board recycling is a great option if you have outdated computers or laptops gathering dust in your home. If you have electronics that are no longer functional and need to dispose of them, there are better ways of getting rid of them without exposing the environment to the destructive effects of e-waste. Common options include recycling, reselling, or even reusing them. Recycling has taken off in eco-conscious neighborhoods because it is a great alternative to dumping. Circuit board recycling entails the breakdown of old circuit boards into valuable and useful components.

What can an old circuit board offer?

  •           Capacitors
  •           Fuses
  •           ICs
  •           Main Board
  •           Useful Metals

For circuit board recycling to be complete, numerous techniques are required in removing the components mounted on the board. These involve several approaches regarding the extraction of the circuit board components, as well as reprocessing of the boards and components into new products. Parts such as capacitors, fuses, ICs, and micro-controller panels need to be removed without being damaged. This makes recycling them to the mainstream market possible and economically viable compared to the production of new ones.

Once the useful components attached to the board have been removed, common and precious metals are extracted. These include copper, gold, nickel, iron, and palladium. The metals are typically sorted and melted down into raw material. The raw material can then be used to manufacture new consumer goods and electronics.

At Alnor Industries we remain committed to delivering the best of recycled products the market can offer. Our machine controlled processes ensure that every component being recycled adheres to strict standards. With pickup services and rebates available, it makes sense to start circuit board recycling today. To dispose your old circuit boards, contact us today. We are also committed to recycling electronics, wires, and scrap metal in order to keep our community green. 

Such obscure knowledge, until you suddenly find you need it... thanks for your help!
Posted by: Mark T. | December 21, 2017, 8:12 pm
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