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February 28, 2014






At Alnor we can offer the strongest price for the recycling of Scrap Carbide + Tungsten

We deal with all industries large and small. Whether you are a small machine shop with a couple pounds or large company with thousands - we serve all industry. When you sell you carbide scrap to Alnor you are guaranteed to receive the best, most accurate pricing available at the time. We make it easy and convenient. We can pick up anywhere in North America.

We buy Tungsten in all forms:

·         {C}Drills, end mills and Inserts

·         {C}Sludge or “Swarf”

·         {C}Spent Catalyst

·         {C}Filters

·         {C}Milling teeth

·         {C}Tungsten alloys: Densalloy, Hevitmet, Mallory etc


Why we are better than the other guys:

1.     {C}We will offer you more for you Scrap. Money talks.

2.     {C}See number  1

3.     {C}We make the process as simple and easy as possible

4.     {C}Our price will get your business and our knowledge and service will keep it.


How the process works:

1.     {C}Give us a call or send an email

2.     {C}Let us know the type of material you have, the quantity and your location

3.     {C}We will get back to you with a quote and to arrange a pick up.

4.     {C}Once the material is received a cheque is sent upon arrival.



It’s that simple! 


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