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Types of Electrical Wire Scrap
June 09, 2017

 There are various electrical wire types you may opt to recycle. Each of these classes denotes a level of advanced quality it offers and the potential value that comes from recycling the wire.

The most common electrical wire scrap types that Alnor Industries recycles include the following:

Comm Wire

These are wires primarily sourced from communication cables, and consist of thin insulated copper wires. The scrap of this wire can be identified by the existence of up to six thin wires being enclosed in an outer covering.


These are commonly used in heavy electrical wiring and come in one to four wires enclosed in a single covering. Compared to the comm wire, romex wire is often thicker and has one bare copper wire that is now insulated. In other instances, aluminum wire may also be used.

Grade 1 wire

These are often in electrical transmission lines and consist of five to ten wires enclosed in a tin-free enclosure. Their color is often brown-red due to the high content of copper in them.

Low grade wire

Low grade wire is often used as electrical conductors in appliances requiring higher resistance than that offered by the grade 1 copper wire. In their making, that have low copper recovery and are often gauged as low income earning copper electrical wire scrap.  

Grade 1 House wire

The grade 1 house wire is made from pure copper and comes in single units of insulated wires that can be of varying widths, thicknesses and dimensions depending on their immediate use. Conventional, this class of wires is often ranked amongst the best and highest value recyclable wires.

At Alnor Industries, we understand the art of electrical wire scrap recycling, so we commit to delivering exceptional service to our customers.Besides, we have a team of skilled craftsmen when it comes to delivering exceptional value through recycled products. For more information about Alnor Industries,  please visit our website at:


Never knew there were wire types... thanks for the info!
Posted by: Michelle | November 27, 2017, 9:15 pm
Recycling for a great price!
Posted by: Larry | August 25, 2017, 8:31 pm
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