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for ferrous/non-ferrous metals and electroinc waste

We Recycle Tungsten Scrap in Mississauga

At Alnor Industries, we have extensive knowledge in reclaiming cash value for tungsten scrap in Mississauga. This includes hard scrap, tungsten carbide sludge, all tungsten based alloys, and high speed steels. We also buy Molyedbnum, Cobalt, Catalysts, Tantalum, and Nickel Alloys. We determine the monetary value of these metals based on the total amount of tungsten scrap in Mississauga that we receive. From there onward, we deal directly with processors who would be seeking raw materials to create into re-usable products fit for all types of industries. We eliminate the need for you to deal with these processors, and transfer the monetary benefit onto you all the same, resulting in a mutually beneficial situation. Please look to the list below to determine which metals Alnor buys.

Tungsten solids

Carbide mix drills, Carbide inserts, tungsten mining grade, tri cone bits, Carbide Rings, Saw blades, circuit board brills, broach cutting tools

Soft tungsten grinding sludge

Carbide grinding sludge (swarf), Tool steel sludge

Tungsten alloys

Heavy Metal, Densalloy, Mallory, Tungsten Elkonite, Pure Tungsten, Vacuum Tungsten

High Speed steel

M1, M2, M35, M42, Rex 76, M48, T1, T15

Cobalt Alloys

Stellite HS 25, HS 31, HS 6, HS 12, HS 21 and tooling F75


Molybdenum, Powder, bars, tubes, coils, cast, single crystals


Solids scrap, capacitor scrap, power, oxide, residue, waste, coatings, sputtering target scrap, pure tantalum, skeleton scrap, furnace scrap, furniture, anode scrap and tantalum chips.


Spent nickel catalysts, spent molybdenum catalysts, spent tungsten catalyst, spent copper catalysts, spent platinum catalysts, spent cobalt catalysts and raney nickel catalyst scrap.

For more information on our ability to recycle high temperature alloys, such as tungsten scrap in Mississauga, please contact us, and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.