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The Wire Recycling Industry
February 02, 2016

 Have you ever given a thought about how much rubbish you throw out daily and what happens to it? Dumping into landfills is an outmoded frame of thought, and in today’s day and age no longer a viable option. Incineration plants are even worse for the environment. Modern industry and business is moving away from old fashioned ideas like dumping and incineration, turning their backs on wasteful and unsustainable practices. A global movement is now aimed at reducing the amount of waste, reusing as much as possible and recycling objects that are not needed any longer. Copper and wire recycling is a smart choice for both industrial and environmental purposes. Copper retains its value even after outliving its usefulness to you.  This is simply because copper products last for a long time and are very slow in wearing out.

With the world becoming more connected electrically and the scarcity of copper ore, wire recycling will need to increase to almost 100 per cent by the end of this century according to the geological report prepared for mining, sustainable development and minerals. This should sound like good news to you because it means someone is willing to pay you for your old copper wire.

Sometimes, electric wires combine copper with traces of other metals such as silver and aluminium. In fact, aluminium conductors were very popular in the 70s when copper was considered a premium ore. In Canada alone, millions of scrap wires are thrown into landfills by careless contractors every year, simply because they do not realise the benefits of a recycling option. Modern wire recycling techniques make it possible to pick out different components from scrap, which are isolated and recycled into fresh products. Alnor Industries specializes in different forms of wire recycling across the Canadian market. They are visionary leaders in their field and have garnered a stellar reputation through servicing their community. 

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