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The Value of Electronics Recycling
May 15, 2017

Electronics recycling in Mississauga is an emerging trend. Every day electronics like computers, phone and televisions are disposed of to accommodate the latest trends. Many people do not understand the health hazards that come with dumping. Recycling is generally the process of changing waste products to some reusable items. This practice is beneficial to both the environment and people living in it. Here are some other notable advantages of safely recycling your electronics with us at Alnor Industries:



Helps in conserving natural resources

Most electronic gadgets contain copper and aluminum and these can be recycled and used again in the manufacture of other products. At our electronics recycling plant in Mississauga, we ensure that you can harvest the metals from unused products. Save natural resources today by recycling and buying recycled products.

Source of income

At the end of the day, everyone wants to earn some extra cash.  Electronics recycling in Mississauga ensures that you not only free your house from the things you don’t need at a given time, but you also get to sell them. Selling these items for even half the price is more beneficial than simply disposing of them and thus littering.


Since 1978, Alnor Industries has been operating an electronics recycling plant in Mississauga. We pride ourselves in serving our customers effectively and efficiently. We are conveniently located just outside the GTA with a state of the art facility designed to maximize the value of your electronics recycling in Mississauga. Our computerized scales are certified by government inspectors to meet international standards – we will gladly honour any request for third-party verification. Our client base extends beyond Canadian borders to serve those in the United States and Europe. Call us today to schedule a pick up or learn more about how we can help you!

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