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The Process of Recycling Carbide Sludge
The Process of Recycling Carbide Sludge
March 03, 2020

The stiffness and density of tungsten carbide is doubled in comparison to steel. It also comes in plenty of different grades, making it an easy material to be used in the tungsten carbide recycling industry. Carbide sludge, for instance, can be reused for a wide variety of applications in various industries. It is one of the most popular forms of tungsten carbide that is also known as swarf. If you are wondering how the recycling process works for carbide sludge, the very first step is to determine the actual tungsten content.


This is why it is important that you bring your tungsten carbide to a reliable recycling organization that can give you an accurate determination of the tungsten content and offer you a fair price. 


While it is almost impossible to know exactly what the actual tungsten content and quality of the sludge is, there are some tools that can give an accurate reading. It does not matter whether your sludge is a bit moist or dry, as long as it contains some amount of tungsten, it will be bought and recycled for reuse.


When it comes to roughly estimating the amount of tungsten sludge in your possession, you can have a slight idea of the quality of carbide by the weight of the sludge. Since sludge is so thick and heavy, it is safe to say that the heavier your sludge is, the higher your chance is of having a larger amount of tungsten carbide. If you have at least twenty to more than fifty pounds of carbide sludge in each gallon, you can expect a larger payment from selling it to a recycling facility.


Once the content and quality of tungsten carbide are determined from your sludge, everything else will be removed from it. The separated tungsten carbide will then be analyzed one more time to finally determine the price that will be paid to you.

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