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The Nuances of our Mississauga Metal Recycling Approach
The Nuances of our Mississauga Metal Recycling Approach
November 27, 2017

Metal recycling is an ultra-modern recycling approach that is led by the industry’s best practices. Mississauga metal recycling is, in many ways, exactly what the recycling process should look like. Modern metal recycling allows for complete smelting of the scrap materials into new objects. For companies like Alnor Industries, Mississauga metal recycling plants are the epitome of a smart and environmentally-safe approach to the recycling process.


In Mississauga, metal recycling is very similar to general recycling – though understanding common metals is crucial.


After the metals have been collected, the most important thing to do is to ensure that they are properly sorted – usually three times! Firstly, it is important to separate what is and what is not recyclable in the first place. Often, individuals will accidentally attempt to recycle products that simply can’t be recycled, and these need to be eliminated quickly. Secondly, the metals must be sorted by type. Lastly, it is important to sort the metals by their quality. Trying to make a “like-new” product from an aged metal is not something we are likely to succeed at!


From here, the process is reasonably straightforward – metal is broken down into small pieces, which are then melted together and purified before being reformed into bars that can be sent back to manufacturers for repurposing. It is difficult to overstate the importance of Mississauga metal recycling – this process is good for the environment, it cheapens the manufacturing process, and has a positive influence on just about everybody!


At Alnor Industries, we thrive by developing excellent conceptual ideas aimed at making the environment healthier and greener. We are based in Mississauga, and metal recycling is our passion – we are committed to ensuring your scrap is professionally given life into new products. We take pride in having the best metal forming technologies we could get, and in using them to make our world a cleaner, nicer place.

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