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The Need for Nickel Recycling in the Manufacturing Sector
The Need for Nickel Recycling in the Manufacturing Sector
July 15, 2019

Due to its impressive physical and chemical properties, nickel is widely used in the manufacturing and industrial sectors. This demand has resulted in an increase in nickel production around the world.  A 2019 report shows that worldwide nickel production increased to 2.3 million metric tons in 2018 compared to 1.57 million metric tons in 2006. With this growing demand, nickel recycling needs to step in to help improve the sustainability of these industries.


To better understand the need for nickel recycling, let’s discuss the different uses and applications of nickel in  manufacturing and industry:



Nickel fuels the automotive industry.  Nickel-based alloys can be found in diesel valves, thermostats, turbocharger wheels, spark plugs, as well as in the car’s casing. Nickel powders are used in magnets, gears, screening paints, and coatings. What's more, hybrid and electric cars use nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) rechargeable batteries.


Consumer Goods

Nickel is widely used as a plating and coating component especially for mass-produced consumer products. For instance, nickel gives a lustrous finish to the steel screw eye in most cork stoppers for glass bottles. Nickel-containing stainless steel is also used in different kitchen appliances, tools, and utensils thanks to its hygienic properties.



Aside from its high melting point, nickel can also resist corrosion and oxidation. Because of these outstanding properties, nickel-containing materials are widely used in the harsh conditions of most power stations.


Indeed, the uses and applications of nickel have a significant impact in modern industries. For this reason, nickel recycling is a must if we don't want to end its life cycle.


If you want to do your part and contribute to global sustainability, look for a metal recycling facility that can effectively recycle nickel. Alnor Industries is a reliable material recycling facility that can handle scrap metals both ferrous and nonferrous, as well as cables, catalytic converters, carbide sludge, and e-waste.

Recycling is so important!!!
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