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The Importance of Electronics and Wire Recycling
The Importance of Electronics and Wire Recycling
June 11, 2018

Any business should take its environmental responsibilities seriously. This means recycling actively in all things, from paper and food waste to office or facility supplies. With Alnor, your business can ensure proper recycling on metals, electronics, wiring and old machinery. One of the most important services we offer is wire recycling, which allows a significant amount of plastic and valuable metals to be recycled.


With electronics, metal and wire recycling, Alnor and your enterprise can help prevent waste from becoming pollution, particularly dangerous waste which may end up in a landfill or body of water.


We can arrange for pickup of materials and wiring, and can offer rates on metal that reflect their market value.

Ensure that you follow a few key guidelines for wire recycling:

Single out each wire type - Different types of wire contain different kinds of metal that often need to be recycled with their specific metal in mind. Because of this, it is important to sort scrap wires before attempting to bring them in for recycling. Usually, you will be able to find a label on the outer coating of the wire. Separating the metal wires from each other will help you get an accurate weight on each metal wire type.

Do not remove the insulation manually - You will be risking injury to your hands if you try to remove the insulation yourself. Most scrap wire shops use a tool or machine to safely remove insulation from the metal wire. This part of the wire holds very little value, and is not needed for the recycling process. Tools that aid in the safe removal of the insulation are readily available.

Get rid of unnecessary elements - Aside from insulation, make sure that you are only recycling the metal wire itself – any extra elements should be safely removed and disposed of before delivery or pick up.


Contact Alnor today to learn more about wire recycling or to request a pickup today.

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