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The Importance of Cobalt Recycling
The Importance of Cobalt Recycling
November 21, 2018

Cobalt mainly comes from China, the Congo, Australia, and Russia. With cobalt not being one of Canada’s main resources that we mine, we have to rely on the imports from these countries. That’s why cobalt recycling is now becoming a necessity in this country. Even in Mississauga, electronics recycling plants have included cobalt in their list with a high potential of recovery.


If you would like to recycle cobalt alloys, Alnor Industries offers cobalt recycling within Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area!


Cobalt isn’t produced from mining cobalt exclusively. Cobalt is actually a by-product of copper and nickel which are mined for their significant roles in the metal industry. And since the resource of cobalt is not abundant, cobalt recycling is a must.


Cobalt plays an important role in the production of energy from renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power. It is also the primary component of Lithium batteries. Through the use of solar panels, the Lithium-ion batteries are able to store heat energy and convert it into electrical energy for use in our homes and business establishments.


The same goes with the generation of electricity via wind. Wind enables the turbine blades to spin and produce kinetic energy. With the help of magnets that create the magnetic field, the conversion of kinetic energy into electrical energy becomes possible. Cobalt is a major part of these magnets which is the reason why it plays a prominent role in the generation of renewable energy.


When it comes to lithium-ion batteries, about 92% of these batteries contain cobalt. This means that these batteries are incredibly useful to cobalt recycling as many recycling companies are capable of recycling mass amounts of discarded batteries to harvest the cobalt they contain.


Many of our electronic devices such as cell phones, laptops, and tablets use lithium-ion batteries. These items are typically dumped in garbage bins and find themselves into landfills. However, with cobalt recycling, these electronic devices can still be put to a good use long after their lifespan has ended. So when you’re looking to recycling your electronic devices, we at Alnor Industries can help you out!

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