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The Impact Recycling Has on the Environment and Community
The Impact Recycling Has on the Environment and Community
September 27, 2017

With the current pace of the development of technology, much of the current hardware will be rendered obsolete in the next five years. While technological growth is a good thing, this still has catastrophic results for the environment. As more and more electronics and other hardware end up in landfills, it becomes a contributing trend in the overall pollution of the planet.


It is for this reason that Alnor Industries continues to provide computer recycling in Mississauga. Our company believes in recycling computer parts and electronics, as well as various types of scrap metal and wire, to help keep Mississauga clean and green. Alnor Industries has become a local leader in recycling efforts, starting off in 1978 as a metal scrap yard in Mississauga. 




Why is computer recycling in Mississauga so important? Here are our top three reasons:




  1. Natural resource conservation. There is a wealth of natural resources used in the building of a computer. These include precious metals and other natural resources which would be put to waste if just unceremoniously thrown out. When you participate in computer recycling in Mississauga, you are helping reuse those precious resources to build future generations of computers.
  2. Local community assistance. Old computers, when still in good working condition, can be reused and refurbished for simpler tasks such as teaching and other charitable programs. This is another form of computer recycling in Mississauga—the donation of old computers for the use of others.
  3. An environmentally friendly alternative. When you take part in recycling your old computers and electronics, you are actively making a positive difference for the environment. With every computer recycled, that is one less unit that goes to the landfill. Computers don’t biodegrade, so getting them recycled is absolutely necessary.


Natural resources are conserved with the efforts of recycling old computers. Reusing old computers and repurposing them for a positive impact on the community is also a viable option. Lastly, computer recycling in Mississauga has a direct effect on the environment. 

Not only is it ethical, its a moral obligation to recycle your electronics!
Posted by: Daisy | October 4, 2017, 8:28 pm
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