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Strategies on Reducing E Waste in Mississauga
November 16, 2016

E waste is a highly challenging problem in the world today. Despite of its prevalence, serious efforts have been put in place to reduce its destructive effects. On a personal level, conscientious citizens in Mississauga want to know that their e waste is properly handled and all recyclable parts put to good use. On a large scale level, hardworking recycling plants like Alnor Industries are putting in efforts aimed at reducing e waste in Mississauga and the GTA. While recycling is integral to minimizing e waste in our community, reducing the amount of waste you produce by reducing electronic consumption overall is an additional strategy that benefits all.

How to Reduce Your E Waste:

Buy only when necessary. The acquisition of electronics should be a disciplined practice. Upgrading your cellular phone every year seems like a tempting option, but this destructive consumer habit is taking its toll on the environment now more than ever. Keeping up to date with the latest technology is part of social and working life in the modern age, but consider investing in electronics that are less likely to be outmoded by a new model a few months later. This mindful habit will reduce e waste in Mississauga and your wallet will thank you.

Dispose of your old electronics properly—never throw them away. Proper disposal of e waste at Mississauga recycling facilities should be a disciplined approach for any eco-conscious citizen. Tossing outdated electronics into the garbage means that they end up in our landfills, where they risk contaminating our soil and water table.   

Call an e waste specialist. In the modern age, the practice of recycling e waste has become a thriving industry. In fact, most cities in Ontario have dedicated collection centers for e waste. Recycling facilities like Alnor Industries are dedicated to dealing with e waste in Mississauga in an ethical manner, with strict accordance to provincial and federal standards. 

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