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Stages of Wre Recycling
September 02, 2015

 The whole idea behind scrap wire Mississauga seeks to ensure that fewer materials are obtained from virgin sources and that the useful resources do not end up in landfills. Global copper reserves are still sizeable but at this rate, they cannot sustain the current rate of demand. It is crucial to make every effort to ensure that not even one pound of copper ends up trashed away. The current global trends show that metal recycling accounts to 34.6 percent out of the total solid waste recycling. This is a high percentage since it’s just next to paper. Of course copper holds the highest share out of the total.

Apart from the fact that the world needs as much copper recycled as possible, you can also make some money out of wire recycling. Alnor Industries makes the venture even more interesting by offering cash for old wires and organizing pick-ups from any location within Mississauga. They then sort out the wires, grade them and proceed to recycle them. The processes involved in wire recycling are simple and can be done manually at home. However, they are involving and would only be beneficial if done commercially. Copper is one of the few items that can be recycled more than once.

The collection of copper wires is the first step in the recycling stages. Alnor makes recycling of scrap wire Mississauga very simple by collecting it in any form. It could be insulated, non-insulated, attached to electronics, booths, etc. The next step involves sorting it out depending on the processing method to be used. There are two major machines used in copper recycling; the copper granulator and the copper stripping machine. The granulator helps in sorting complicated wires with irregular winding knots while the stripping machine is efficient for handling regular single wires with few knots.

Alnor manufactures pure copper from scrap wire Mississauga by passing wires through a shredding and melting machine which generates molten copper. After it is cooled and shaped, recycled copper works as good as original copper.

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