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Sept Long Weekend
August 30, 2013

****************** Just a note; we will be closed this Saturday (August 31, 2013)*************************


So I hope everyone had a good summer becasue we are near the end. Hopefully you got all the cottaging, patio and baseball out of your system for another year.


We are now approacing fall but it's not all that bad because Football, Hockey and Basketball season is upon us! That usually inspires alot of trash talk around the shop which is always fun. 


In the scrap world this has been a good summer for Alnor. We seem to be getting an influx of customers that were not aware of us. Due to a revamp of our website we are seeing alot of new faces. We are not your typical yard, we help you offload when we can, our yard is clean and nail free, and wait times are typically low. We have over 30 years experience in the business and we know how to treat a customer. If you have not been back for awhile, come by and try us out again. If you have never been come by and try us out.


Remember we will be closed tomorrow (Sat Aug 31) So if you need extra cash for the long weekend you better come by today.


Over and out



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