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Save on Wire Recycling Costs!
January 05, 2015


The wire recycling industry has been under various changes since the rise and fall of the economy. Three to four years ago, the wire recycling industry was booming as the wire recycling prices were higher. Such recyclable wires include insulated wire, brass, copper, aluminum among other recyclables. Currently, the wire recycling market has grown manifold over the past year along with a large number of wire recycling companies. Many of these companies will buy scrap wire such as copper wire and send it for smelting or refining. This help to reduce the large amount of scrap copper dumped into landfills along with ensuring a safe and spacious environment.

Some of the copper wires are not processed directly as they are covered in insulation. The insulations are removed through a mechanical process where the insulation strips are cut and then separated from the wire. Some of the companies use steel rollers to help split the insulation. Different companies adopt diverse wire recycling methods, but the processes remain the same as the wires are separated from the plastic/rubber casings. At the end of the wire recycling process you get concentrated brass, copper or steel fine powder.

However, if you have a hand stripper, you can do your own recycling. The process can be time consuming hence easier for you to send scrap wires to professional recyclers. Wire recycling will not only help keep the environment clean but receive instant cash depending on the volume of the scrap wires. The prices of scrap wires will differ from one recycler to another as it will also depend on the level of contaminants or impurities of the scrap wires.

When choosing a professional recycler to recycle your wire, ensure that the company selected has a clean work environment with no hazards. Also remember to separate communication wires of low voltage from high voltage electrical wires to facilitate easy weighing and grading of each wire.

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