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Responsible and Reasonable Mississauga Electronics Recycling
March 01, 2016

Alnor Industries LTD. is the go-to place for all your Mississauga electronics recycling. More often than not, it seems much easier to throw away unwanted electronics, computers, mobile devices, electric wires, and other products that you don’t need, than recycling them. However, there are some real benefits to recycling, on both a personal and environmental level. Here are some of the reasons bringing in your old electronics is the sensible thing to do.

Unlike other products, electronics have circuit boards that are manufactured using very complicated procedures. They are made up of materials that pose potential danger to the environment if they are not disposed of properly. A few decades ago, when your computer, radio or gramophone machine broke down, you wouldn’t simply go to the electronics store and buy a new one. Instead, you would call a repairman and have it fixed. Things changed when personal computers came in. Suddenly, electronics started becoming obsolete barely three years after purchasing them. Everyone got busy leaving their old commodore 64 to buy a new laptop, with no idea what to do about it. The dilemma of where to dispose of your electronics has led to a terrible crisis and gadgets are simply thrown away to clog up our landfills. You can help counter these effects by getting in touch with a Mississauga electronics recycling centre and finding out your options.

The flat screen panel that you have hooked up to your personal computer contains traces of mercury. Cathode ray tubes and old TVs contain high levels of lead. These are hard metals which have long term effects in both plants and animals. Alnor Industries is a well-established Mississauga electronics recycling company that helps sort out the mess created by obsolete electronics by offering well-structured recycling processes. They organize for pickups and collect electronics from your place at the time of your convenience.

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