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Recycling Essential Metals - Tungsten Scrap
Recycling Essential Metals - Tungsten Scrap
September 04, 2018

Scrap metal recycling has become a very important industry in North America because it is a steady source of some of the most valuable metals needed for manufacturing and production across countless industries. Tungsten scrap, for example, is very common and just as valuable.


Tungsten scrap is commonly used to manufacture and fabricate industrial grade tools like drills and saws. Recycling this valuable metal provides a way to reduce mining and environmental damage.


Some metals, like tungsten, are worth a great deal given their projected scarcity and rising costs in the future. Many enterprises can recuperate a significant part of their investment in tools or machinery by identifying the valuable metals that can be reprocessed. Tungsten scrap, for example, is very common and just as valuable.


Tungsten is also used as a material for filaments in lightbulbs because it can withstand high temperatures. Tungsten is also used for kitchen knives and band saws because of its extreme durability. Older models of band saws used in lumber shops and yards often have a good amount of tungsten carbide, which can represent a recuperated cost for your business.


In metal fabrication as well as the construction industry, tungsten carbide is essential to making cutting tools that are highly efficient and durable. At least 60% of cutting tools fabricated today use of tungsten carbide and recycling scrap increases your contribution to a cleaner environment.


Recycling tungsten scrap means that the metal will not be dumped in a landfill and will instead replace some of the demand for mined metals.


Tungsten carbide has overtaken high speed steel (HSS) in many tool applications. It is often the metal choice for machining applications that include turning, boring and face milling as well as industrial and commercial drilling. Carbide-tipped tools are able to retain their hardness at high cutting temperatures which makes them more efficient and cost effective.


Want to learn more about tungsten scrap and our recycling process at Alnor Industries? Contact us today to speak with an expert, consult market prices, or to arrange a complimentary pick-up within the GTA.

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