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Nickel recycling: Why it has become vital to heavy industry
Nickel recycling: Why it has become vital to heavy industry
February 24, 2020

Nickel recycling has reached the point of no return as a fundamental process for many commercial and heavy industries.


While fundamental for some, not every industry remains convinced of the advantages when it comes to recycling nickel materials from old and/or obsolete equipment.


For the non-believers, we’ve gone on to expand on some of the factors that regularly go unnoticed. With this knowledge at hand, many businesses go on to consider working with a local professional metal recycling facility with decades of experience, such as Alnor Industries.


Maximum monetary value from recyclables

It’s often the case that companies be granted rebates or small profits depending on the value of nickel recycling materials they present to scrapyards. If your business can provide high-quality nickel for recycling, then you’re one step closer towards receiving substantial profit from any unused equipment. If you work with top-tier recyclers like Alnor Industries, you get the most transparent and meticulous examination of your old and aged equipment for maximum profitability.


Curbing environmental impact

Recycling is a process that paves the way to efficiency and a minimal carbon footprint. When you work with nickel recycling companies, you help create a sustainable production process that benefits your local community’s recycling industries, manufacturers, and customers. Reduced fresh nickel sourcing curtails destructive mining activities in different parts of the world.


Reduced nickel-based product manufacturing costs

In addition to reducing destructive mining, recycling nickel helps drive down local raw material cost. In turn, manufacturers of nickel-based equipment and tools will price their products and equipment more cost-effectively.  


Recycle nickel at your local scrapyard

With over 30 years of experience handling nickel, steel, and metal recycling, we at Alnor Industries can give you the best price for all your old metal-based equipment. Contact us to see the advantages that lay in store for you!

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