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Never fear Alnor is here!
October 18, 2013

Good day!


I know the updates have been few and far between but have no fear we have not forgot about our audience. We have just been extremely busy doing what we do best, scrapping. We have also spent alot of time on the road canvassing for new business which is always interesting.


It is nice to meet new people and get a peek inside some of the industry that takes place in the GTA. So many interesting businesses have been popping up. But, the one bad part of cold calling is the stigma that goes along with scrap dealers. Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of bad apples out there; I have come across many of them in my travels. A lot of guys promise you the world to only find they were coming in aggressive to steal the business in hopes of catching you with your pants down. That being said when the word  “scrap” leaves my mouth I can see the look in their eyes. The stock responses are predictable. Lets go through the top 5 (in rank from most said to least)

1.        “We have been with this guy for 20 years”

2.        “I have a cousin who does scrap”

3.        “We aren’t looking for quotes”

4.        “Ill pass it on”

5.        “He/She’s on vacation”

In no other business have I seen so many people do business with the same guy, unquestioning, un-wavering for 20 years. But apparently it happens a lot. If you were buying toilet paper from the same guy for 20 years I would worry. In this day and age if you are not receiving competitive quotes on a frequent basis you are in trouble. It is often the ones who do not receive competitive quotes that seem to go under a lot faster than those that do.

At Alnor we will not make promises we cannot keep. We will be honest and upfront at the very least. I know many are not used to this treatment form a scrap dealer but that’s what separates us.


So if you are reading this and would like a quote,  give us a shout and we will be happy to do so.



Thanks for reading!

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