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Join the experts in e-waste recycling making Mississauga a greener society
October 19, 2015

 E-waste is a broad term that mainly constitutes good, recyclable and non-recyclable electronic commodities. The commingled waste, further defined as discarded computers, entertainment devices, mobile phones, home or office electronic equipment to name but a few. The waste may include used electronics destined for resale, salvage, recycling or disposal. Part of it further classified as items that are in working and repairable condition.

The e-waste Mississauga recycling process requires strict undertaking that is agreement and OES standard guided. Safe and environmental friendly methods further need adherence and observation throughout the way. For items that are considered high hazardous wastes such as cathode ray tubes (CRTs), the hazardous waste regulations should be employed. The central process of electronic recycling includes; manual or mechanical dismantling, and sorting into different categories for specialized processing, as well as extracting of raw materials and the creation of new materials.

Today, just like the rest of the world the Mississauga society revolves around technology and the constant hunger to satisfy the appetite for the newest technological products deems everyone a contributor of the mass pile up of e-waste. The danger arises when liquid and atmospheric releases end up in groundwater, soil, water bodies and air affecting the land and sea animals and mainly crops eaten by both human and animals. It is in this regard that Alnor industries are on the front line to campaign for an e-waste free society. With 35 plus years of experience in e-waste Mississauga recycling, we are always open to partner with every individual and company. However, we strictly limit ourselves to the agreements we do as to maximize the recovery of recycled materials at the same time minimize environmental hazards. Our options for disposal conveniently tailored to meet our customer’s needs including free pickup services for all customers in Mississauga. We work with strict integrity and transparency in ensuring that the world is a better greener place for all to enjoy.

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