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How to Recycle Circuit Boards the Right Way
January 27, 2017

 Do you have a circuit board that you need to recycle but don’t know how to go about it?

Where can circuit boards be found?

A computer, clock, DVD or VHS which you feel has outgrown its services to you is a good starting point. You will need to remove all the screws on it and remove the greenish plate which has some components soldered on it, this will then reveal the circuit board in the device.

Get the right materials

 The process may get hectic for you if you don’t have all the necessities in place. A set of pliers, vice grip, case for putting the di soldered components, de soldering pump and soldering iron are some of the basic items you should have on your table. With those, you are ready to go and it starts by gripping .This step involves a lot of action part as far as circuit board recycling is concerned. You are required to hold it horizontally with the soldering facing towards you. You can get someone to help you in the gripping as three hands are required here.

Removing the components

The soldering is made hot and it’s placed at the tip of the component you want to start with. This process should be done a little bit faster as the components heat up fast and the possibilities of blowing up increases.

Recycled components

Circuit board recycling is that easy. With those few steps you will have recycled a number of things like screws, motor, TV plugs, capacitors, switches, audio sockets and resistors. If you find the process being such a big hassle however, you should leave things to the experts. Alnor industries has a specialization in circuit board recycling .we not only do the process fast but also make use of every given item in the circuit boards. Call us today and experience services with a difference.

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Really great way to do your part for the enviroment and make some money back
Posted by: Wes | March 19, 2018, 5:49 pm
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