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How to Determine the Value of Your Scrap Metal
How to Determine the Value of Your Scrap Metal
February 23, 2018

Although all metals can be recycled, not every piece has an equivalent price. To establish the value of any metal, there are number of ways to determine what kind of scrap you have in your backyard. We’ve put together a brief guide to scrap metal recycling in Mississauga.


With iron being abundantly available, its value is often lower than that of other metals. Consequently, its ores and high content alloys are competitively cheaper to recycle, hence not effectively viable for long time processing.


Here are some useful tips determine what you can use for scrap metal recycling in Mississauga.


As a best practice among specialists, all metal substrates should be recycled. 


Use a magnet

Iron-based alloys and the iron itself is attracted by magnets. These materials belong to a class of metals called ferrous materials, what can be attracted by magnets. Other metals that are not attracted by magnets such as copper, brass, and aluminum are comparatively rare to find, so they are more viable to recycle.

A magnet should help you determine the more valuable and rare metals and the low value and common alternatives at your disposal.  


Metal color

Most metals come have different colors unless they have been treated or painted. The use of metal color is a great method of sorting when it comes to identifying metals. Conventional approaches should allow you to deliver high value from disposing your scrap metal cutoffs.


At Alnor Industries, we can help you determine the metals and their values by their colors. Our catalogue is a great resource that can help you establish if a metal is recyclable or not.


Call an expert

Scrap metal handlers often have insightful information for identifying various metals they may be interested in. Though not all metals may be identified by their color, chemical analysis of the metals should help you establish if they are recyclable or not.

At Alnor Industries, we remain committed to delivering optimum value for metal scrap. We have in-depth expertise and hands-on experience when it comes to scrap metal recycling in Mississauga. Contact us today to speak with a metal recycling expert or to book a consultation!

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