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How Can We Combat E Waste in Mississauga?
June 27, 2016

Did you know that there is a way we can combat e waste in Mississauga? You can start by making small steps towards making our city clean and green. Human beings have long been in the habit of producing trash. Our tools used to be made of wood and bone, materials which naturally degrade and do not cause harm to the environment. Nowadays, however, our tools are more sophisticated. Our electronic tools are made of harmful materials that cause havoc to both the soil and water supply if improperly disposed of. Humans have created a dangerous new waste nearing the end of the 20th century, currently recognized as e waste.


What is E Waste?

E waste in Mississauga and across the world is an alarming issue. In the modern world, both developed and developing countries are caught up on high technology gadgets like computers, laptops, cellular phones, mobile devices, televisions, mp3 players, video games, handheld consoles, and many more. As stated by a report coming from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it is projected that North American consumers will throw away about 30-40 million computers every year. It also further projects that approximately 25 million TVs shall be put down yearly as more and more viewers are opting from analog to digital TV. On top of this startling information, North American consumers are also estimated to discard around 98 million cellular phones annually and this figure is increasing every year.

What Can We Do About E Waste?

Recycling e waste is a fundamental step towards stemming this global crisis. Recycling centers like Alnor Industries take in e waste from Mississauga and neighboring areas of the GTA. Recycling assures that your used electronics are broken down into valuable parts, which are then used to make new electronics. Recycling your e waste also assures that dangerous elements like lead, mercury, or cadmium never end up in our soil. 

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