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Forecasts for Scrap Metal Recycling in Mississauga
February 28, 2017

The 2017 marketing forecast from has been released, and the outlook is good. The forecast states that in the opening that the scrap metal recycling industry in Mississauga is overdue for a good year. This couldn’t be more true! We wanted to take a moment at Alnor Industries to explain for those interested a bit more about what the scrap metal recycling forecast says, and what that means for our efforts to recycle in Mississauga.



The future is bright!
The commodity market showed growth and bright signals in the US at the end of 2016, which does spill over into the Canadian community. The lower Canadian dollar makes scrap exports more lucrative, which increases the incentive domestically. The positively trending North American economy helps position us well to benefit from scrap metal recycling in Mississauga. While there may still be a need to remain wary over the long-term outlook, immediately it seems things are on the rise.


Globalization may affect sales
A few years ago, scrap exports peaked as globalization became more and more of a focal point for businesses and China rapidly expanded their development practices. Today, these exports have slowed as the global culture shifts to a more environmentally conscientious outlook. China has begun to reform their financial and cultural business systems, leading to new policies for cleaner production. This could have rippling effects all the way here in Mississauga, where it may be more valuable for recyclers to invest in green technologies.


For local scrap metal recycling in Mississauga, not much will change in the short-term.


Material prices have been relatively stable as of late, and the weather has been kind lately for making recycling trips to the plant. For those with a longer term outlook, this information may be very valuable for designing a recycling strategy in 2017. If you wish to read more of the original text, consult the source here


It's definitely more common now to recycle scrap metal!
Posted by: Arthur | October 18, 2017, 7:47 pm
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