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Electrical wire scrap
May 12, 2014

 Electrical wire scrap services


Many people are unaware that they can receive cash for their old electrical wires lying around their homes or garage. As the price of recycled electrical wire scrap continues to increase today, recycling and reselling of electrical wire scrap has become a potential business for most companies. Electrical wire scrap such as copper is widely used in most industries like the automobile industry and the manufacturing industries. Some of the manufactured products include kitchen utensils and home appliances since copper are a good thermal and electrical conductor. Recycling helps to ensure that valued non-renewable resources are provided new life.

The cable and electrical wire scraps that are acceptable to most wire recycling industries include elevator cables, BX cables, high voltage cable, aluminum wire, and No 1 Insulated copper, tech cables, No 2 Insulated copper, communication cables and power cables. Recycling of such of such cables is an eco-friendly act that helps reduce the accumulation of waste disposals.

Some good source of copper in your home include kitchen utensils like, fork, spoon and anything made of copper that is damaged or of no use. In the living room try to check old picture frames made of copper, as well as candle holders and chandeliers. Broken computers and televisions also contain several of varieties of copper as well as your old car in the garage. Old cars are a good copper source of old electrical wirings. You can use wires cutters or even a sheer knife to easily remove the old electrical wirings from your old car.

Despite the availability of recyclable electrical wires everywhere, taking part in this job would need one to exercise caution as the wires are a source of peril despite being a key environmental responsibility. In most of the scrap metal industries, aluminum & copper wire recycling forms one of the key areas in the metal recycling business. 

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