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E waste recycle in Mississauga
June 20, 2014

 Electronic equipment and gadgets are the fastest growing electronic waste in our country. We can find plenty of unused electronic and electrical products in our homes. Have you ever given a thought on what to do with this electronic equipment that you no longer want and that no longer work? Tired of the electronic graveyard at your home? Did you know that accumulation of electronic waste release toxins into the air? Electronic waste is the fastest growing municipal waste in America. E-waste comprises two percents of America's trash in landfills and 70 percent of total toxic waste.The fact is that only 12.5 percents of the e-waste is recycled. If we recycle one million laptops the energy equivalent can be used to produce electricity for 3,700 US households for a year. The majority of the electronic wastes is not "electronic waste" at all but an electronic equipment or elements that can be reused or recycled for material recovery.


The Ontario Government takes the lead to dispose e-waste in Canada. Alnor Industries volunteers to be a part of this venture and has a solution to reduce e-waste in Mississauga. If you own a house or a company and is confused about how to dispose your electronic debris, we are the right solution. Our service will be at your home or office to pick up your unused electronic products. Alnor industry's electronic waste disposal is approved under OES standard. Our project aims at maximum disposal of e-waste in Mississauga. We provide a free pickup service based on your location and the bulk of the electronic wastes. Rebates are provided for the materials depending upon its resale or re market value. Recycling your e-waste will prevent them from ending up in landfills and help in creating an eco-friendly clean environment. Take the initiative and join hands in reducing e-waste in Mississauga.

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