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E-Waste and Scrap Wire webpage up and running.
July 22, 2013

 Happy monday cyber and scrap world!

Good news on a Monday! : The weather has cooled and the market is up! Check our pricing on the hompage.

As you may have seen we have made some fairly drastic changes to the Alnor website. We now have a dedicated Electronic Waste page ( and Copper wire dedicated website ( Please take a visit to see how we process your material. 

Let's talk a bit about E-waste.

Electronic waste is something we have been seeing alot of lately. In this day and age every business as a need to dispose of old electronics. We talk to alot of customers that have been hoarding this stuff in a dusty closet or just throwing it in the garbage because they weren't aware that this material is acceptable at most scrap yards nowadays. Take a look at our accepted items for a list of material we accept. (

The last thing you want to do is throw any ewaste in the garbage. Mercury, lead and other hazardous materials can be found in most items. This can leach and create issues for the waste companies. While most waste companies remove these items but alot gets missed. Bringing it here will ensure that every piece is recycled in an environmentally friendly manner. Plus you won’t have to pay to dispose of the material; you might actually make some money. Who doesn’t like that??

Any questions send us an inquiry or give us a call.


Have a good week!

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