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Alnor Industries, placing value on scrap metal dealers
July 03, 2015

 Dating back to the year 1884 the idea of scrap metal collection has constantly grown to a great lucrative business. Today, the world of scrap metal dealing has changed the view of old discarded metals to valuable items of exchange. The society has been on the front line to support and continually embrace the trade due to the benefits it reaps from it; the ability to recycle metals and turn them to useful raw materials has opened up unimaginable business opportunities, The society confidently entrust the scrap metal pickup in Mississauga to trained and experienced buyers that safely and carefully dispose on their behalf, Greatest of all the trade follows good practices that help to maintain and minimize environmental hazards and above all earning top dollar from old and discarded metals, new and obsolete metals has caused an exponential outburst of the business.

Growth in the scrap metal business has provided a competitive platform which has worked to separate quality buyers from one time buyers.  A company that has served the market for more than 3 decades has attained a higher position of experience and exposure.  Evident Success in serving the industrial, commercial and residential customers in Mississauga and maintaining lasting relationships clearly speaks volumes. The expertise gained after overcoming different market huddles in the years of business cannot be ignored. It is in this regard that Alnor industries has constantly stood above the rest and has continually attained an unbeatable market position in scrap metal pickup in Mississauga services. Understanding and meeting individual customer’s needs has been the key guiding principle. Alnor has heavily invested in heavy duty state-of-the-art machineries that have enhanced the capability to handle all kinds of projects capacities whether small or large. Alnor has designed a free and unique scrap metal pickup in Mississauga system that is fast, efficient and effective. The company remains the most genuine and highly paying scrap metal buyers. You’ve got to deal with Alnor industries to understand how highly each customer is valued.


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