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5 Interesting Facts About Metal Recycling
5 Interesting Facts About Metal Recycling
March 17, 2020

Are you an advocate of metal recycling in Mississauga or just wondering how you or your business can help prevent metal junk from piling up in landfills?


Regardless of what your goal is, here are some interesting facts you should know about recycling your scrap metal and understand why it is a good decision for green living.


1. The most recycled metal material in North America is steel. This metal comes from almost every product known to man, from cans to construction scraps, automobiles, and appliances. Metal recycling in Mississauga can turn this metal material right back into its original state that can be used in the same applications.


2. Almost half of North American’s aluminum supply is derived from secondary production or recycled aluminum. This is primarily because of the fact that recycling this alloy utilizes as much as 90% less energy than making new aluminum.


3. Metal recycling in Mississauga is very quick. For example, for a company that produces metal cans for food products, it will only take on average about 2 months to the recycle metal and put it back to the shelf as another can product.


4. Once metals reach the landfills, it takes decades for them to decompose. For instance, steel food containers may start to decompose after 5 decades while aluminum will take about 200 long years to break down. Just imagine how long it will take for all of those scrap metals to break down if they all end up in landfills and are not recycled.


5. Don’t forget to include metal lids the next time you recycle, as metal lids are also highly recyclable. Ensure that you confirm with your recycler first if metal caps are accepted, as some of them might be too small for the sorting equipment to work on. If they can be accepted along with other tiny pieces of metal, put them aside in a large container of the same metal so they can be easily recycled.

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