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4 Things to Know About Carbide Sludge Recycling
4 Things to Know About Carbide Sludge Recycling
March 24, 2020

Carbide sludge recycling is an important part of metal manufacturing and waste management. Expert facilities such as Alnor Industries have helped local industry players to drive down local raw material costs and enforce environmental policies that help local communities.


Here are the four crucial steps to help you know more about sludge recycling:


Laboratory Analysis


Tungsten is the core material of carbide sludge. Before recyclers extract the tungsten carbide in sludges, they need a fully-accurate sludge analysis. In doing so, recyclers know the total amount of tungsten carbide they can extract and determine the total amount scrap providers can receive.


Excess Substance Removal


The first process to extract tungsten from the carbide sludge is to remove all unnecessary chemicals including oil, coolants, and other chemicals from the raw to-be-recycled material. Pure tungsten is the most important material that determines the actual amount you'll receive.


Raw Material States


All sludges can be broken down into their raw material states. If there are still useful chemicals that recyclers can derive from the sludge, they can pay you additional amounts on top of the tungsten content the sludge yields. Keep in mind that raw material prices vary depending on their local demand.


The Heavier the Better


If the laboratory tests reveal that the sludge has 20-50lbs of available tungsten per gallon, you can receive a high profit from your scrap. Therefore, you can gain more profit by providing dry or wet sludge with high tungsten carbide content. Thankfully, with accurate lab analysis, you can find out the quality and yield of your sludge in no time.


Work with Experienced Recycling Specialists


If you have yet to find a reliable sludge recycler, you can definitely count on us at Alnor Industries. With decades of experience providing top quality services for local companies, we guarantee only exceptional results for all your needs. Contact us today!

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