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3 Must-Know Facts About Mississauga Electronics Recycling
October 25, 2016

Recycling your old and aged electronics is a great way to do your part when it comes to maintaining eco-friendly habits. There are numerous benefits, each adding a distinguished breadth on the dimensions of achieving a healthy and habitable environment. Recycling also leads to a reduction of the destructive effects of reckless disposal of electronic waste. In a nut shell, Mississauga electronics recycling helps keep our beautiful city environmentally sound.

The Importance of Electronics Recycling

  • Clean up of the environment. The byproducts of different kinds of electronic waste are at times dangerous and can equally be harmful to the environment. As a result, there is an urgent need to elevate the bar and raise awareness. Being a recycler of various electronic components yields a healthier, greener, and more habitable environment. As a plus to healthy living, recycling ensures protection of the environment from eco-destructive effects of electronic solid waste.
  • Source of income. Besides creating a healthy environment, recycling electronic waste can also be seen as a source of income. One may opt to sell electronic waste to a local Mississauga electronics recycling facility for good income. Reputable facilities such as Alnor Industries offer rebates, depending on what is brought in. As a bonus: depending on your location and size of the haul, you may be eligible for free pick up. Find out today!
  • Enhanced protection from toxins. Electronic components contain volatile constituents such as lead, cadmium, and chromium. These harmful toxins can seep into landfill soil if improperly disposed of. When released into the environment, these toxins wreak havoc and cause nerve damage in both humans and animals.

Alnor Industries is a leading Mississauga electronics recycling facility committed to ensuring optimal eco-protection. We operate within a tightly controlled environment where every process is checked and controlled to ensure non-contravention to the environmental laws. Everything we do is strictly in accordance with OES standards

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